Data sheet service

We provide safety data sheets (SDS/MSDS) in accordance with REACH and CLP.

All of our safety data sheets are always created in line with the latest statutory provisions. In addition, we also offer this service in all European languages and take into account country-specific regulations (e.g. for the US or Canada). If necessary, data sheets created by us may be translated into all other languages. Do you have specific thoughts and suggestions on the design of your data sheet? We’re happy to take your ideas on board (e.g. logos, custom colour palettes).

As part of our all-inclusive service, we’ll also take care of your supplier safety data sheets. This includes obtaining the safety data sheets from your suppliers, as well as reviewing, evaluating and continuously updating these. And don't worry, we archive any original versions so you always have access to them after any regulatory changes.  If physical or chemical properties are not known, these can be determined in our laboratory or a partner institution. We also create the suitable labels in accordance with the CLP labelling requirements.

At a glance:

  • Creation of SDS for all relevant legal areas across the world, with translation of contents and consideration of national regulations
  • Classification and rating in accordance with hazardous substances legislation (CLP), ADR, IMDG code, IATA, AVV code and WGK
  • Continuous updating in line with applicable regulations
  • Support in updating internal documentation for compliance with German Hazardous Substances Ordinance (e.g. operating instructions, labels, hazardous substance index)