RRS (REACh Registration Service)

Chemos is a distribution company for chemical products and not a consulting agency. Consulting agencies specialised on REACh charging for the service of registration. Such registrations could be relative expensive that sometimes it makes no sense to register.

Chemos RRS is installed to close this gap.

Who could use RRS?

  1. Suppliers from outside the EU who want to sell their products after 2018 in the range from more than one ton up to 100 tons per year and cannot or don’t want to register by themselves.
  2. Users that are not sure that the product they buy will be REACh registered from their supplier.
  3. Big importers, for whom the registration would be very expensive but the product is only a niche product.

For which substances RRS is available?
For all pre-registered substances in the Chemos portfolio up to 100 tons/year.

Can RRS be used for non-phase-in substances?
Generally, this is possible. The needed time for registration is much larger. Maximum volume is 100 tons/year, too.

What are the costs for RRS?
Chemos RRS is up to 100 tons free of charge. If there are expensive tests which maybe mandatory for the registration we will decide together about it after the costs are known.

When will RRS start?
RRS is immediately available. Until end of 2016 only a registration up to 10 tons will be available. During 2017 registrations up to 100 tons will be available. In particular cases a direct REACh registration up to 100 tons can be done; this service is not available for non-phase-in substances.

What is the benefit of RRS for Chemos?
RRS should be one more reason for potential new customers why they should buy their products from Chemos. Additionally we would like to increase our service portfolio for our existing customers in order to strengthen our partnerships.

Whom should I contact if RRS looks interesting to me?
Please send your requests as well a company presentation to


The request needs to state the product name, the CAS number, the quantity you want to register (1-10 or 10-100 tons/year) and the quantities you are importing/using currently.