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Chemos business scope

CHEMOS GmbH&Co.KG is a globally working distributor for chemical specialities. We are supplying products to support your R+D processes and production. This will enable our customers focusing on the development of products for their markets.

From the first product idea to scale up and production Chemos is your partner in the logistics of product sourcing.

We are supplying raw materials fort our focus markets below:
  • Flavor, Fragrances and cosmetics
  • Coating, color and adhesives
  • Composite
  • Feed and Food additives
  • Plastcis and plastic additives
For our Focus markets we are offering ~ 2000 products

For the fine chemical and intermediates market we are offering more than 180.000 products from all our partners in the world. If you can’t find the right product or you need something new please contact us. We can help in such case as well.

Our customers range is from universities to production plants.

We have an extensive network of suppliers and customers to make your product ideas work.

Reliable partnership with customers and suppliers are our core value.